10 Public Place Manners Kids Must Know

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Here are 10 public place manners which you must inculcate in your children to avoid embarrassment in public.


  1. Behave with Courtesy

Children should be taught to greet people they know and when meet them in public. There should always be a polite and courteous manner to address people meeting in public places.

  1. Communicate in the Right Way

If you meet someone in public who talks to your child, he or she should respond to the question properly and reply politely. Teach him or her to have proper eye contact with the person he or she is talking to.

  1. Should Not Point at Any Person or Thing

If children see someone they want to show you, they should have your attention first and then without pointing out to the person or thing, convey their message.

  1. Make Use of Wastebasket When Necessary

Nowadays, you will find a dustbin no matter where you go. Teach your children to throw the garbage in the dustbin even if they have to look for one. Kids should be aware of keeping their surroundings clean.

  1. Understand the Importance of Moving in Turn

It is difficult for children to have patience but they should be taught to wait for their turn especially when they are in public.

  1. Respect Other’s Stuff

Children should be taught to have respect for other people’s property. In fact, they should treat it more carefully than their own. Your children should not touch things that are not theirs and keep hands to themselves especially in a super market.

  1. Use Proper Etiquettes

Teach your children to say “excuse me” if they collide with someone or “I am sorry” if they have to pass that person to reach somewhere else.

  1. Should Not Disturb Others

During public performances, kids should not disturb others either by getting irritated or by putting feet on the seat. They should also talk softly during the show or wait for the intermission.

  1. Should Be Near You

When going out children should be trained to be by your side and not to wonder about on their own. There is a chance of getting lost. Also teach them that if this happens, they should go to “may I help you” desk and say their name and your name clearly so that it is announced in the mall.

  1. Sit Properly and Quietly

When visiting someone’s house, your children should sit quietly and follow instructions that are given to them. They should also pass no negative comments there.

Do not expect a complete transition overnight. If your children are not very young, you might have to repeatedly remind them about how to behave in public. Kids follow what they see their parents do. So, make sure you practice the etiquettes properly.


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