Tips for Parents Dealing with Separation Anxiety

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Don’t minimize the importance of easing your fears as well as your child’s. If you feel guilty or worried about leaving her at school, your child will probably sense that. The more calm and assured you are, the more confident your child will be.

  • Get to know the teacher beforehand : Your child can benefit from meeting his teacher before school—but so can you. Ask your child’s teacher what her procedure is when children are crying for their parents. Make sure a school staff member is ready to help your child with the transfer from your care to the classroom.


  • Think of preschool as a life lesson : Many moms may see their child have a bad first reaction to preschool and immediately decide to pull him out of the classroom. But that’s a bad idea: It denies the child an opportunity to learn how to work through negative feelings and sets a precedent of not having to face problems.


  • Resist surprise visits : Once you’ve left your child, resist the temptation to go back and check on her, and don’t phone the school every hour. If you’re always checking up on your child, you risk the reciprocity of your child checking on you constantly.


  • Give yourself a pep talk : Come up with a mantra such as, “This is best place for (your child’s name)” or “Bringing (your child’s name) here is the right decision” to remind you of why being apart is good for both you and your child. Then, keep repeating it as often as you need it!


  • Have patience with your preschooler : “It’s okay to keep leaving the child if he keeps crying.  A complete and successful transition into school can take months, especially if there are family vacations or breaks from school, when children often regress, or if there are changes happening at home.”


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